Happiness genes discovered

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Why are some people happier than others? It is likely a major factor is genetic. Happiness genes have been found for the first time. In a study of 298,000 people.

The researchers found three genetic variants for happiness, two variants that can account for differences in symptoms of depression, and eleven locations on the human genome that could account for varying degrees of neuroticism. The genetic variants for happiness are mainly expressed in the central nervous system and the adrenal glands and pancreatic system.


Mood Disorders Historical Introduction and Conceptual Overview

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Clinical and Public Health Scope of Mood Disorders


Depressive disorders afflict one of five women and one of ten men at some time during their lives. Depressive episodes alternating with mania or hypomania represent the domain of bipolar disorders. Increasingly, the conventional figure of 1 percent for bipolar disorders in the general population is being challenged, and there are now convincing data that this group of disorders may account for 5 percent of the population and up to 50 percent of all depressions.