Potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

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amyloid cleared from brain by aducanumab

Aducanumab is an exciting potentially new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and may possibly be the first potential cure.

A human monoclonal antibody, aducanumab, has been shown to remove amyloid beta plaques from the brains of patients with early or mild Alzheimer’s disease. The drug was more effective at higher doses. This was shown using PET brain scans (see below).


Specific Heart Muscle Disorders

Specific heart muscle disorders.

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  • Cardiac disease in the vasculitides
  • Amyloid
  • Sarcoid
  • Cardiac disease in endocrine disorders
  • Cardiac disease in neuromuscular disorders
  • Cardiac disease in inherited metabolic disorders
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Autoimmune rheumatic disorders and the vasculitides


Amyloidosis is an uncommon disease in which a substance called amyloid, composed of fibrous protein, accumulates in tissues and organs, including the liver, kidneys, tongue, spleen, brain and heart.